Jurnal Dua Karunia

Journal for my generation, for my children and their generation


Maybe you will boring when you read my blog, I’m always talking about health, nutrition and other boring thing.

It maybe because i’m not too young anymore, I’m over forty now

But I think “It’s never too old to write your blog and never too young to care about your healthy”

That’s why I always write the articles about health in my blog.

So, you can see my social media profile and I hope you will enjoy it, and if you also see my blog, I hope you will enjoy it and it will change your life”

Blog ini merupakan lanjutan dari Blog-blog penulis yang biasanya terdapat di Blog Friendster, note Facebook,  dll. Bagi teman-teman yang ingin menyumbang tulisannya di dalam blog ini silahkan saja kirim tulisannya ke e-mail: jamily10@yahoo.co.uk


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